Ryan Koed

Supervisor, Compliance

My Story at Ajinomoto Bio-Pharma Services

Why did you choose to work at Ajinomoto Bio-Pharma Services?

I came to Aji Bio-Pharma from a different industry and found breaking into the pharmaceutical industry difficult at first. The application and interview process at Aji Bio-Pharma gave me incredible confidence that the pharmaceutical industry is where I belong; specifically, the open dialogue and personal interaction afforded to me during the process allowed me to communicate my experience and strengths in a meaningful way. That experience, combined with the fact that Aji Bio-Pharma is a CDMO (which I had experience with in the past and enjoyed), strongly attracted me to this company and are very big reasons why I chose to work here.

What has been your career path at Aji Bio-Pharma Services?

Thus far, my career path at Aji Bio-Pharma has been an upward movement through the Quality Assurance department. My current position allows me to work in a highly collaborative manner with every other department in the company and I believe my career path will continue to leverage cross-functional collaboration.

What’s the most inspiring part of your job?

Without a doubt the most inspiring part of my job is working side-by-side with individuals that are incredibly knowledgeable, take a sincere pride in their work, and conduct themselves with integrity.

What is special about the culture at Ajinomoto Bio-Pharma Services?

Perseverance. The nature of working at a CDMO involves an ever-changing set of priorities, new and unforeseen challenges and risks, and the need to strike a balance with the needs of our company and those of our many clients. Such a dynamic work environment demands a certain kind of tenacity from its employees, and Aji Bio-Pharma employees meet that challenge day-after-day.

What have you gained from working here?

Immense amounts of knowledge. So far I have learned about Quality Risk Management, Supply Chain Management, Process Validation, Equipment Validation, Data Integrity, Aseptic Fill and Finish, Environmental Monitoring, Clean Room Certification, and Method Qualification, to name a few.

What advice would you give to recent new hires?

Be a sponge, seek out cross-functional opportunities, and never lose sight of the fact that the drugs we manufacture directly impact patient’s lives.

What is your favorite part about working here?

My team. The Compliance department is small, but we are all cross-trained and ready to step up and help our teammates at any time.

How do you help impact Aji Bio-Pharma Services mission and vision?

Being a member of the Compliance department, we are at the front lines of ensuring adherence to regulatory and guidance requirements. Through active oversight of both internal and external compliance, we help to confirm that the drugs we make are of the highest quality and meet all acceptance criteria prior to leaving our facility.

What challenges do you see impacting the industry?

The industry continues to be vulnerable to the global economy from a safety and compliance perspective. Maintaining control of a global supply chain is incredibly challenging, especially when components and even active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) must be sourced from countries that do not require the same level of control that others do.